Svedala Dentalteknik - What fits your needs?

We offer different shipping methods & prices.




We adapt our products after your needs, regardless if it is an urgent request to be delivered the same day or larger quantities to have higher margins.

Svedala Dentalteknik is a service oriented laboratory with high precision and efficiency. To ensure the highest standards we constantly keep a dialogue with the dentist to avoid repairs.
In acute cases, jobs can be delivered door to door and back in less than 24 hours since we have all the technology and skills needed in tight situations, all under one roof.
We are confident enough in our products that we can offer up to 7 years warranty on our products.
Within our region (south-Western Skane and Copenhagen, the capital region, we have our own cars for pickup / delivery of products at the clinics. We are also able to hire one of our agents to make things easier for you as a customer throughout the world.
Since the impression mass can sometimes be time-sensitive, we take the logistics very seriously and you as a partner to us can always see where your packages are and what stage of the manufacturing process by contacting us or using the tracking number we provide.

Since we are flexible with regards to both products and services, please feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts or wishes.

As a contract customer you receive a discounted tariff agreement with Svedala Dentalteknik on all our prosthetics and other work. You can choose to sign an individual agreement or even collaborate with other dental practices all over Scandinavia and colleagues at your clinic to get even better prices. Contract customers always have the opportunity to use our valuable offers and are also entitled to our very generous bonus system.